Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you Selfish? Then here's a Lesson for You

 She died so young, that tender girl
An epitome of selflessness
She was so pure, a little pearl
Now her soul is for God to bless.

She was just twelve years old. Mampi Sarkar. A student of Class VI. She lived in a little house in the village of Jharpora, in the Nadia district of West Bengal. She was not brought up with all the comforts a little girl hopes for, but she never complained, as she loved her family very much. Her parents and her siblings meant the world to her.

But when her tiny sphere of love and joy was about to be disturbed by merciless Fate, she was distraught. Her father, Mridul Sarkar was having problems because of his decreasing eyesight. Being a daily labourer, he could not afford proper treatment. As if it was not enough, Mampi's brother Monojit suffered from a damaged kidney. As his other kidney was also weak, his doctor had recommended a kidney transplant. Of course, Mampi was not told any of this distressing news as her parents thought she was too small to understand.

But this little girl overheard her parents talking about their difficulties in getting their son operated. They had requested the MLA for help but they could not be sure of anything. They were helpless. And her little heart ached. She could no bear the thought of losing her beloved brother. As for her father, who will provide for their family if her father became too sick to work?

Mampi resolved to save her brother at any cost. She thought hard on what she could do, and finally came up with a great idea- she would donate her kidney to her brother! It seemed to be the best available option for her. But how could she donate her kidney? Wouldn't she need it for herself? And would her family agree to it? In the end, Mampi found an answer for that too. She would need her kidneys only while she lived. If she died, then she wouldn't need it, right? She wouldn't need her eyes as well. So why not die and donate her eyes to her father and her kidneys to her brother?

She was such a selfless little girl that she did not stop to think of all the things that she would miss in life if she were to end it soon. She loved her family too much to care about her own life. But she was a little girl. She couldn't do everything on her own. So she discussed this idea with her elder sister Manika. She asked her whether she would commit suicide with her, so that their organs can be used to treat their father and brother. But Manika thought her little sister was being silly, talking so crazily. So she dismissed the idea and went to school, and thought no more of the matter.

But Mampi was not kidding. She really wanted to sacrifice herself for her father and brother. She waited for the right time to execute her plan. And when she was alone at home, on 27 June 2011, she wrote down a note requesting her mother to use her organs after her death for her brother and father's treatment. Then she consumed a pesticide 'Thiodon' along with some syrup. She was too small to comprehend death, but she was brave enough to welcome it for a good cause. When she started feeling uneasy, she ran about half a kilometer to tell her father that she had consumed poison.

But by then, she was too sick to tell him the reason. She was taken to a pharmacy and then a local hospital, but nothing could be done to save her life. She died from the hospital. Her body was brought back home and cremated with all due respect and love. Only on the next day did her mother find her note in her room. But by then, it was too late. Mampi had done a great thing, something that only very few would be selfless enough to do, but her sacrifice was in vain. Her dream did not come true... The least we can hope for is that the government helps her family for her father and brother's treatment, so that at least her little soul can rest in peace.

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