Thursday, July 10, 2014


Gaza Gaza Gaza... I have no words to express my grief. The pictures speak it all.

How can little children be terrorists? What danger do babies pose to your bloodthirsty reign? Are you following the footsteps of  Firaun and killing them before they grow big enough to question your misdeeds? And the media portrays Israelis seeking shelter from Hamaz rockets! Really!!! Do any of them show an injured Israeli pet even, let alone children?

And you Arab leaders! You sheikhs of UAE and Saudi Arabia! You filthy hypocrites! Where is your sense of right and wrong now? You were at the forefront to "relieve" Egypt of the "undemocratic" rule of Mursi. What is happening in Gaza isn't just anti-people, it's anti-human! Have you gone blind now? Why don't you do something? What do you have armies for? Go help Gaza! Can't you see children-- children!-- being slaughtered? These could be your kids too! Remember that your comforts aren't eternal. Your palaces too will crumble!

Remember, your indifference will never be forgiven. If you choose to remain silent today, you will have no words when your Lord asks you about them.


  1. assalamualaikum, incredible, I really love it. I hope you can continue to update on this blog, because I would often visit

    1. Thank you! That's so nice of you :)

      I will try to update soon, in sha Allah. I have been caught up in other things...