Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rain in my Heart

It has been a wonderful day.. Thank you, Allah, for letting us have beautiful days even as people in other parts of the world are suffering from hurricanes and floods.

We had a bit of rain, the kind that comes and goes. There was a cool breeze and even a little fog. There was something special about it all... As I was walking up the stairs to my class (ours is an old college set amidst a lot of trees), I felt this urge to capture that one moment in a glass case and bury it in a wet spot in my heart so that it will be alive for as long as I live. I think it was partly due to the tiny yellow leaves and red manchadi (that is to say, redbead or coral-wood) seeds lying around, their beauty enhanced many fold by the rain..  Patches of sky reflected in the clear puddles on the path also captivated me.

I felt this almost intolerable urge to walk on to the sky- how wonderful it would be if one could simply take a  walk in the sky, just like that!

I wanted to be the rain, falling slowly and rhythmically into the yearning earth, wetting its depths and filling many hearts..

I wanted to be like the breeze that gently blew my hair through my scarf and entered my heart.

I wanted to simply walk like that through the same path, over and over again, with people I love.

And knowing it to be utterly impossible, I wanted that moment to never end.

It has stopped raining now, but not in my heart. For me, it still rains, rhythmically,  soothingly, cooling my insides, making me yearn for the innumerable moments from my past that I cherish, making me wish if I were a child again, if only to have another rain bath from the terrace of my grandmother's house..

But then, such is life. It will all be true, but only in my heart where it still rains... 

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