Thursday, February 17, 2011

He Beckons Me

I stumble, I often fall.
Yet I strive to stand tall.
For, though the path is dim,
I know it ends only in Him.

He beckons me, so I keep going.
To please Him am I sowing
The better I try, the more I reap
Because His promises He is known to keep.

He covered me with His light.
Now I'm not afraid, He's my knight.
In joy or sorrow, night and day,
Before Him do I kneel to pray.

He beckons me, so I never give up.
I need His love, if only a cup,
With His help, I'll always try
He is with me whether I laugh or cry.

His pleasure and blessings are all I seek.
I've been singing His praises since I learned to speak.
The ground may shake beneath my feet
But He is with me, I never feel the heat.

He beckons me, so my spirits soar
I believe in Him to the core.
And therefore, in spite of all strife,
It is with hope that I lead my life.

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